photo (13:42) PQ Ribber recently released an album called WYOMING ESCALATOR 3 under the pseudonym, “Nitroglycerine Pep Club”. Jimbo contributed to some of the songs on that piece of work.

However, during the making of the album, PQ and Jimbo exchanged musical ideas numerous times. Many of these were violently* rejected by Mr. Ribber and a sad Jimbo was left to lick his wounds.

Until now! Jimbo takes most of the songs Mr. Ribber rejected and has turned them into this EP that he calls, “PQ Ribber Hates Jimbo”.

All of the songs here (except the very first two) were originally written by PQ Ribber – Jimbo just added junk on top of what was there.

* it wasn’t so much “violence” as it was PQ was probably altered “burrito-hungry” and just forgot where he put the files.

Hopefully everyone knows this is all in jest! PQ is “ok” 🙂 Seriously, thanks to PQ for his great music!

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I really don't know the names/titles of these songs. Ask PQ Ribber.

5 Responses to “Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – 165 PQ Ribber Hates Jimbo”
  1. pqribber says:

    brain spinning sounds for the new era in sonic flotation!

  2. Jimbo says:

    itz all your doins…

  3. Shambles says:

    This is pleasantly trippy… kind of like the subconscious trying to process your surroundings just before you wake up.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Like… the sound of donuts?

  5. Shambles says:

    If I can hear them over the rumbling of my stomach…

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