Note: I have created a new, expanded archive called FNA which is the continuation of the OnsugBox project.

1744 Tracks - 1500 hours (62.5 Days)
October 2009
the complete archives of
The Overnightscape Underground
(up to October 15, 2009)
"Your Late Night Broadcast"
online at
created by Frank Nora in New Jersey, USA

I have collected all of my podcasts/radio shows into a single archive - "OnsugBox"! It is a massive collection of audio to explore and enjoy.

Because the collection is so huge, I've decided to release it in several different editions. It's all Creative Commons licensed, so it can be distributed freely.

OnsugBox Hi-Fi
80.7 GB - Stereo 128kbps MP3s

This is the high-quality, "master" edition of OnsugBox. Ideally, it would be the ONLY edition, but because it's over 80 GB, it's just too big to distribute easily online with today's technology.

Distribution: Currently, this edition is on a hard drive that I will mail out to one person, who will then mail it on to others. Those who have a copy of it can copy it for others as well. See the OnsugBox Forum for more info. Also, a BitTorrent download is possible in the future.

OnsugBox Lo-Fi
15.3 GB - Mono 24kbps MP3s

This edition has exactly the same content as the Hi-Fi Edition, except that the audio is of lower quality - though it's still very listenable. Kind of sounds like you're listening to an old AM radio.

Distribution: This edition is also on the hard drive that is being mailed around. It can fit onto 4 DVD-Rs, so this is another distribution option (on the hard drive there's a folder called "OnsugBox_Lo-Fi_for_DVDs" which has 4 subfolders, ready to be burned). See the OnsugBox Forum for more info. I have uploaded this edition "loose" onto my web server here, so you can get any audio file you want (though it's not a great way to download the whole thing, of course). A BitTorrent download of this version is possible in the future.

OnsugBox Pocket
14.7 GB - Mono 24kbps MP3s (87%) - Mono 16kbps MP3s (13%)

My original vision for OnsugBox was that the Lo-Fi version would be able to fit onto a 16 GB flash drive (which have become quite affordable lately). Unfortunately, the Lo-Fi version wound up being several hundred megabytes too big to fit into a 16 GB flash drive. So, I created this version, where approx. 13% audio was downsampled to a lower bitrate - 16kbps. It's still quite listenable, and the whole thing fits comfortably onto a 16 GB flash drive. (Remember, when formatted there is less than 16 GB of space - I've seen as low as 14.7 GB).

Distribution: This edition is on the aforementioned hard drive. As well, I have a flash drive that can be mailed around to people to copy. Or, you could mail your flash drive to someone who already has it, and have them copy it for you. See the OnsugBox Forum for more info. Since this version is so similar to the Lo-Fi version, there probably won't be online downloads of it.

OnsugBox Sampler
331.5 MB - Mono 24kbps MP3s

The OnsugBox Sampler Edition is an easily downloadable preview of what OnsugBox has to offer. It has the same folder structure and documentation as the full OnsugBox - but only contains 50 audio tracks, totaling about 30 hours. The selection of tracks is meant to illustrate the various kinds of shows and other content on the full OnsugBox (which has 1,744 audio tracks / 1,500 hours).

Download it now! (317 MB)

Listen to tracks from the Sampler:


For more information, check out the OnsugBox Forum


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