500 Song Trip

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500 Song Trip is a collection of Creative Commons-licensed music gathered from around the Internet by Frank Edward Nora (host of The Overnightscape). Released in August 2012.

Total length: 33 hours, 18 minutes, 6 seconds

Every song has its own Creative Commons or public domain license – see guide PDF for more details.

A big thanks to all the amazing musicians who created and shared this music!







Download in 10 parts (50 songs each):

500_Song_Trip-part_01_of_10.zip (247 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_02_of_10.zip (251 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_03_of_10.zip (267 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_04_of_10.zip (264 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_05_of_10.zip (280 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_06_of_10.zip (263 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_07_of_10.zip (299 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_08_of_10.zip (300 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_09_of_10.zip (324 MB)

500_Song_Trip-part_10_of_10.zip (258 MB)




500 Song Trip is now playing on shuffle on the Nightstation stream.