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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Here is the interview with Andy Kaufman:

And here are some related shows:

Interview with Tony Clifton (Bob Zmuda):

The Andy Kaufman Press Conference:

The Day Before The Andy Kaufman Press Conference and Screening of “The Death of Andy Kaufman”:

Special Report: The Andy Kaufman Situation – with Brandon from Canada (11/18/08):

Special Report 2: The Andy Kaufman Situation – with Susan, Brandon, Abi, and Yannick (11/28/08):

Special Report 3: The Andy Kaufman Situation – with Andrea, Nikki, Susan, Brandon, Curt and Zak (12/7/08)

And more…

The Rampler Special: Alan Abel Interview (5/9/09)

The Rampler Special: Andy’s Message (5/16/09)

The Overnightscape 791: Two Rust Ritual (6/26/11)

The Overnightscape 972: Walrus Tut Trio (5/22/13)

These are just the highlights. There are a lot more shows about the whole “Andy Kaufman Lives” phenomenon, if you dig around in the vast Overnightscape Underground Archive…

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