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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Special Report 3: The Andy Kaufman Situation – with Andrea, Nikki, Susan, Brandon, Curt and Zak (12/7/08)

Special Report 3: The Andy Kaufman Situation – with Andrea, Nikki, Susan, Brandon, Curt and Zak (12/7/08) (2:34:34 / 141 MB)
The Overnightscape Underground – December 2008 – Track 9
“Your Late Night Broadcast” online at
Created by Frank Edward Nora ( in New Jersey, USA
In this Special Report, Frank talks about the “Andy Kaufman Lives” phenomenon with the former “Andy’s Angels” – Nikki from Utah (darlingnikki84), Susan from Texas (Spooky), and Andrea from Croatia (Hyperkinetic)… as well as Brandon from Canada (AGKMNII), Curt from North Hollywood (DrAgotch), and Zak from Maryland (JiveCrackerZak).
License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States ( Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora – more info at

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  1. Thanks again for having us on the show!

    Comment by CEC — December 7, 2008 @ 1:04 pm

  2. The Report was a lot of fun. Thank you for staying up so late just so we could all be there, and for being a wonderful host!!

    And, to everyone, I apologize once more for the “blender from hell” noise (and for being totally clueless about it). Hope no one went deaf, and hopefully the sound won’t be haunting anyone’s dreams.

    Comment by Andrea — December 7, 2008 @ 1:49 pm

  3. The real Andy Kaufman might come in to this sooon………jerobagg………

    Comment by Jerobagg — December 8, 2008 @ 5:38 am

  4. ANDY KAUFMAN!!!!!!! this is the one and only jerobagg! If you are reallly “ANDY KAUFMAN” What was the extra’s name in taxi….I work with him and he said you knew him well…..It was the shot man with the mustash….we all know this wacky extra…..Call me collect or leave a mesage on my youtube page! Thats J E R O B A G G

    Comment by Jerobagg — December 8, 2008 @ 3:33 pm

  5. Mr Frank Eddie nora…..I would like to be a guest on the rampler when you make a Special Report 4: The Andy Kaufman Situation …Thank you…….Jerobagg

    Comment by Jerobagg — December 8, 2008 @ 5:20 pm

  6. At this rate, everybody who listens to The Overnightscape will have appeared as a guest by the end of the month! Excellent!

    Comment by Neal — December 11, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

  7. ha ha, very funny neal!!!

    Comment by Nicole Brew — December 11, 2008 @ 7:30 pm

  8. Frank! You did a terrific job in the Huffington Post interview about Andy Kaufman on May 16th!!!!

    Comment by Curt Clendenin — May 21, 2013 @ 10:27 am

  9. Something just popped into my mind….do you know what would be really nice?
    If the Disciples were able to get together on Skype and talk about what Maddox revealed to us.
    I’ve been looking through all the old stuff that used to be on on the Wayback Machine
    and you’d be very intrigued to find how much text is hiding when you highlight the pages!*/
    For instance, I found something about “Doctor Mabuse”, so I looked it up and found this….
    Here’s the full movie…

    Its the gift that keeps giving.
    Especially now I know what I’ve/We’ve been told and reading it all through that perspective.

    Comment by Curt Clendenin — May 22, 2013 @ 7:51 pm

  10. Curt, did you get all the 1pt font size text too? I got a lot of it.

    I love how every name given is someone who has either changed identity, hidden out, hoaxed a death or some shit like that. All relevant.

    Comment by Tao — November 17, 2013 @ 11:11 pm

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