Rediscovery of the library vs. co-oworking space  |  ‘In the money spending mood’ series: new Wacom drawing tablet vs. new iMac  |  getting lazy with clothing purchases  |  Shame of gaming (procrastination)  |  Bioshock Infinite |  Why travel if you have VR?  |  Indonesian memories vs. Bioshock  |  Waiting for ‘Facebook Rift’ (?) |  Learning German trough comic books and memrise app |  Easter denial 2014  |  End of Cinematography?

“In the 1950s, cinema was as important as bread—but it isn’t the case any more. We thought cinema would assert itself as an instrument of knowledge, a microscope, a telescope…At the Cinémathèque, I discovered a world which nobody had spoken to me about. They’d told us about Goethe, but not Dreyer…We watched silent films in the era of talkies. We dreamed about film. We were like Christians in the catacombs.” – Jean-Luc Godard
Persepolis |  Swedish comic books in the late communism  |
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  1. Jimbo says:

    Just listened to this old episode! I really like your style.

    VR scares me, I think I would get hopelessly addicted and would never return to the real world.

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