randomthoughts (41:57) Join Doc Sleaze as he explores various film and pop culture stuff, including: “Feets Don’t Fail Me Now”, George Formby and his unusual music, women’s bodies, the 1960’s and other outrageously satirical and humorous goodies.

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4 Responses to “Sleazecast 8 – Random Thoughts (11/12/15)”
  1. Jimbo says:

    There was a FDFMnow guy in a Three Stooges’ short about the plumbers – an all-time great (well, for those guys). The guy in questions played in three or four of their shorts over the years, but only once emits the famous FDFMN.

    I was first introduced to Formby through the very very long WWII documentary, “The World at War” and have kind of been a fan ever since.

    Suzy Sleaze was funnier than normal.

    This Sleazecast stuff is gold.

  2. Doc Sleaze says:

    Thanks for that Jimbo – I’m flattered!

    George Formby made a series of extremely bad films in the 1940s, to which I was exposed as a child, resulting in me having a very jaundiced view of him. However, there is no denying the pure, unalloyed joy of many of his musical performances – ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’, his gleeful ode to the joys of voyeurism, is, for my money, one of the greatest popular songs of its day.

    (I did send you the original artwork and synopsis for this one – although I think your show notes are far superior to mine – in response to your e-mail the other day. I don’t know whether you received them as Yahoo Mail has a habit of claiming that something has been sent when it hasn’t, so I’ve resent all the info you asked for).

  3. Jimbo says:

    My bro is a BIG Charlie Chan fan, so we did some investigation and the FDFMNow guy on The Three Stooges IS BIRMINGHAM (you probably knew all of this but I’m just learning it, haha).

  4. Doc Sleaze says:

    Mantand Moreland was a prolific performer back in the forties, appearing as comic relief in all manner of features and shorts. He was active until at least the seventies and, I believe, released several LPs of various of his routines, (which were often of a far more ‘adult’ nature than the routines he did in those forties movies).

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