ons1164_300 (3:17:20) We’re talking about your grandparents. Well, maybe not YOUR grandparents but… hey, just listen and stop trying to start an argument!

Your host Jimbo talks about his grandparents, their pecans and bananas .. Dave Duckert has humorous tales aplenty .. Chad Bowers takes us back to his Poppy’s farm (and more) .. Frank Edward Nora testifies about his grandparents in his very entertaining segment .. Cali Dingo shows off his sly comedic skills and then talks about Disney .. Doc Sleaze humorously remembers his family .. and Jimbo sneaks in the Week in Review

(No Jimbo audio comments for Doc Sleaze because his entry was so late)

This is a very entertaining show!

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Thanks to Frank Edward Nora for allowing me to use and abuse his show art!

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4 Responses to “OVERNIGHTSCAPE CENTRAL [ 357 ] – Your Grandparents (10/2/17)”
  1. Chad Bowers says:

    Up to Franks part. Great show, one of the best, perhaps the best show of all time. Happy Birthday by the way Frank. Jimbo, picking those pecans, and eating things you didn’t want to eat, classic and true. My mom’s side was always putting me to work. I loved it, but I was always working on the farm, I probably spent about 10 weeks a year up there. I was always getting in trouble for missing too much school, but my mom figured spending time with family was more important than school, so in addition to summers, we snuck up there as much as possible.

    Dave, your stories are great. Love what you did with your grandfather, that was very smart. Might be fun to publish online, I know I would read it. You are so right about that generation, they were real, and lived in reality, less abstracted from things. Most people today, live in a pretend version of the world that is razor thin and could disappear at any time. They have no idea about reality and are basically cattle for the elite. Your granddad sounds like a great man, worked hard, funny, kind, real.

  2. Jimbo says:

    I asked Frank for subject suggestions and “Grandparents” was one of those. This subject sure has brought out some great stories. Thanks to everyone and a big hat tip to Frank. Happy birthday, Frank!

  3. Chad Bowers says:

    Cali, I enjoyed hearing your show without the haunted laughter in the background. You have a great voice. I actually liked it best on the episode where you were less poised and not doing the “professional” voice, sound and style. It was a very personal episode and felt very human.

    Doc, loved your piece as always, your grandmother sounds wild. Maybe Disney should have made a movie like that. We need more spunk in our grandmas. (yes that sounds weird)

  4. Jimbo says:

    Chad, your piece was really cool. I’ve been thinking about it since I first heard it. Drinking right from the cow? Blah 🙂

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