young_frankenstein (1:33:16) It’s all about Halloween!

Jimbo shares a few Halloween memories .. Dave Duckert has a great story about dressing up! .. Frank Nora walks home in the black night and shares thoughts .. Cali Dingo puts on a Halloween clinic! .. and in between, Jimbo comments and throws in a Week-in-Review.

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2 Responses to “OVERNIGHTSCAPE CENTRAL [ 361 ] – Halloween (10/30/17)”
  1. Jan Erik says:

    Ah yes the worry about tainted candy. I think I read somewhere recently that the only verified case of someone getting hurt by poisoned candy was poisoned by his own father in an attempt to collect insurance money. Lots of urban legends though, even here. We don’t celebrate Halloween but we have a local tradition December 12 where kids dress up and go door to door collecting candy and (sometimes) singing Christmas carols and we heard similar horror stories about poison in candy and razor blades in apples and what not.

  2. Jimbo says:

    Thanks for your comment, Jan. I didn’t know those stories of treachery reached all the way over there!

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