26:45 – Light through leaves at night, life-work balance, changing directions, making decisions, being lost in thought, importance of family and friends, and then randomly the HP 620 LX.

Recorded in Sydney, Australia. Licence for this track: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Attribution: Ruben Schade.

Released December 2018 on Rubenerd and The Overnightscape Underground, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts.

2 Responses to “Rubenerd Show 386: The somewhat serious episode (12/11/18)”
  1. Chad Bowers says:

    I entirely know what you mean. I reached that point in my career about a decade ago, and it did prompt some meaningful changes. Much more focused on life / work balance and importance of family.

  2. pqribber says:

    Family and looking at plants thru lights from underneath!! Excellent basis for existence. Another splendid monologue!!

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