1:01:36 — Join Mike at the busy Riverchase Galleria a week before Christmas. Topics include: Back in the O.N.S.U.G.; recent tragic shooting at the Galleria; Alabama malls have been getting bad national press lately; teaching; movies (“Bohemian Rhapsody”; “The Mule”); postmodernism; Keep Your Eyes Open.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share-Alike US License. Attribution by Mike Boody. Released December 2018 on The Overnightscape Underground.
2 Responses to “The Midnight Citizen 214: Casual Community (12/18/18)”
  1. pqribber says:

    Nice to hear you, again! It’s a strange time for ‘new’ media and film, and for me, a time where choosing to pretend there are no new movies, doesn’t seem like a bad approach. Nothing says ONSUG better than mall sagas!!

  2. Nate In Wisconsin says:

    Hey Mike. Haven’t listened yet but am very happy to see you pop up here. I’m commenting prematurely because I see that you are at the mall and I just finished listening to an episode of a podcast called Nocturne about a group of people who found an unused room in the bowels of a mall and fully furnished it (Playstation and all) and lived in it for 4 years before they got caught. https://nocturnepodcast.org/finding-the-void/ photos of the “apartment” here on a fictitious apartment listing site: http://trummerkind.com/theone/Home.html–……..I think I will head out to my local mall tomorrow and walk around listening to your transmission from the Riverchase Galleria.

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