1:01:12 – Welcome to Tape Land! On each episode, I’ll present the audio of a cassette tape from my collection. It’s a way to help motivate me to digitize more of my archives.

I had a tradition for a few years of recording weird music on New Year’s Eve. This tape starts off earlier in the year, in June, and I’m “seeing visions” to try and understand the nature of 209 (11×19=209). On 12/31, I’m playing music on my Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard. One segment, “Walking Along”, wound up on the Little Frankie Nora album “Shatter Cider Suite” (previously released in Onsug). In fact, I had given the date for that album as 1987, but with this new information, it must be 1991 or later (though much fo the music was from circa 1987).

Other than that, this is the first time any of this stuff is being heard.

9:39 PM 6/19/90, in bed, visions about the nature of 11 and 19, [14:17] 6/21/90, 7:50 AM, more visions, [31:32] 12/31/90, playing with a synthesizer and talking about my dream, [33:16] walking around outside, drumming on something, [35:03] synthesizer, [43:24] “Walking Along” from Shatter Cider Suite, [44:01] synthesizer, [46:57] singing, [57:36] outside lying on the ground, 10 minutes to midnight, [1:01:09] happy new year.

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/). Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora – more info at onsug.com

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