As the The Overnightscape Underground archive has grown, I have always maintained some kind of guidebook, which contains  the listings and descriptions  of all the shows in the archive. For several years now, Onsug Radio Handbook has been such a reference guide.

I made another book in 2015, Onsug Guide, as an actual physical book – still available for purchase. But this one only contains show names – not descriptions.

It has long been my goal to release a new print book, containing all the information, like Onsug Radio Handbook. The problem is, the Handbook is over 3,000 pages long, and formatted as raw text. So, a year or two ago, I started reformatting the entire book – a process which has been very time-consuming, with no end in sight.

So, I recently decided to pursue a more realistic goal – to use the reformatted pages I have done, and merge them in with the current Handbook. This is a great improvement to the Handbook, and one step closer to the ultimate goal of releasing an actual book (ideally, with all the show art as well).

The new formatting has reduced the page count from 3,000 pages to 2,000 pages – not bad for a first step.

Click the link above to view the new, improved Onsug Radio Handbook.

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  1. Dave in Kentucky says:

    I kinda feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk, when the new phonebook came out. I’m somebody now!

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