Frank Nora Show 1520 – Blanche (6/28/10 Mon) 29.61 (2:20:13 / 128.5 MB)
The Overnightscape Underground ( – June 2010 – Track 61
Frank in NJ and NYC. Andrea Doria, old suitcase, hot day, new kitchen floor, dust, traffic jam in the bus terminal, cool bus driver, movie review – Man Som Hatar Kvinnor (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), literacy, TV review – Doctor Who – “The Big Bang”, NBC Studios, The Prisoner, a visit to the new Lego Store in Rockefeller Center, Lego reviews – Collectible Minifigures (Magician, Scuba Diver),  Court Jester, TV review – last night’s True Blood, cigars, new things, absinthe, Bogoho, Perfect Gambler, dream review (“Ames Ames”), co-ed dorm. Blanche Ames Ames, eugenics, reincarnation, sunglasses, The Matrix, new Macintosh computer, anti-kombucha blog post, probiotics, stormy weather, closed businesses, comforters, parking, different Japanese restaurant, Mello Yello update, ice cream sundae skills, inept people, MAME, arcade games, radar, World Cup, candy review (Pretzel M&M’s), doing things in the right order, beer and hot sauce of the month club, rearview mirror spider, baby spider questions, recycling questions, Bubb Rubb, loud motorcycle engines, Japanese beverage review (Asahi Super H2O), super bright headlights, Carousel, Logan’s Run, demolition, the cinnamon urge, fashion, concept of the abundance economy, Passaic, Be Kind Rewind, savagery, vegatarian celebrity magazine, the fake Paul McCartney, and trash cans.
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The Overnightscape Underground is an Internet talk radio channel, focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts. Created by Frank Nora ( in New Jersey, USA.

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