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7 Responses to “Pocket Overnightscape”
  1. pqribber says:

    Excellent!! Is a torrent even useful with everything so readily and legitimately available? I really like the low fi sound, for mysterious reasons…

  2. Jan Erik says:

    This file seems to be broken, at least I’ve downloaded it 4 times with two different browsers and it keeps telling me it’s an invalid archive:

  3. Frank says:

    Thanks for finding the error! The file is fine on my hard drive, but corrupt on the FTP. I re-uploaded it – let me know if it’s working now.

  4. Johan says:

    Woohaa, nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jan Erik says:

    Yep works now (had already grabbed those files from the loose version though).

  6. Eddie says:

    This is great. Thanks so much for putting this together. Are you going to add a lot after every season and repost same link along with anouncement?
    After all, the more copies of the history of overnightscape in circulation the better chances it has of surviving way into the future.
    It will be like the bible instead of finding scripts here and there – there will be people uncovering sd cards, usb drives, and whatever other storage devices were gonna have in the 100 or so years or thousands of years to come. I think a gold plated usb drive would cool like a zippo or something in a glass case with inscriptions on it. by the way i see pq saying its lo fi version, will there be a higher fi version later?

  7. Frank says:

    Lately the lots have been by month, so I plan on releasing each month as soon as possible after the month ends.

    The hi-fi version of the archive is on It’s not as easy to download, but it’s all there – approx. 144 GB right now.

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