1:03:51 – Inspirational author Tom Ufert joins us today to discuss his book, Adversity Builds Character: An Inspirational True Life Story of Disability, Addiction and Acceptance. After suffering spinal cord injuries in a car crash, not long after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Tom was told in the hospital that he was HIV positive. While coping with these three disabilities, Tom sought solace in what became addictions to alcohol, drugs and sex. After experiencing one close call too many, Tom finally put into practice what he knew all of his life – that he could let his adversities destroy his life, or enrich his life, and others’ as well. Listen as Tom tells the tale of his own Success Odyssey!

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  1. Carrie Michel says:

    What an inspiring man Tom Ufert is! Thank you for sharing. You’re helping me and well, thanks!!! 😀

    My mental mind is in awe… 😉

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