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3:40:14– It shouldn’t exist, yet here it is – Episode 9 of the ABM Show, with “Mad” Mike and Frank Nora “Master of the Airwaves”! Episode 8 was 11 years ago, and while we did get together and record several times in the interim, this is the first ABM Show revival in its original 2007 format. From a studio in the basement of Mike’s house in the woods in South Jersey, using equipment that had been in a storage shed for over a decade, it’s a bit rough around the edges, but still quite a wild, surreal ride. Returning features include Mike’s Brilliant Ideas, Analysis of Many Things, Piss Poor Movie Trailers (Fly Me (1973), Nude on the Moon (1960), Stunt Rock (1978)), Ever Wonder/Ever Notice, and much more. Let us know how you enjoyed it.

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