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1:34:35 – Welcome to Tape Land! On each episode, I’ll present the audio of a cassette tape or historic recording from my collection. It’s a way to help motivate me to release more of my archives.

Here’s a tape I recorded back in 1990 when I was 22. It’s part of a series of tapes I made about my creative project at the time, Noyage – the first tape of which is also in the archive, On Noyage (2/14/90).

Notes: 10:45 PM, driving to Rhode Island, need oil for car, Rt. 22, dream of exploding city, grandmother’s dream of a Ferris wheel, flying Ferris wheel, police lights, The Hollow Fantasia, Nomadi, Noyage, Nomadi Ubiquity, Anything But Monday Productions, Existence Nora Nothingness, Nomadi Framework with 457 elements, Alka-Seltzer, Poland Spring water, eggplant parmigiana, confused people, 181,000 miles, driving, Gorbachev, Lithuania, Hungary, technology, virtual reality, bringing a video camera into your dreams, creating gold and diamonds in your dreams, how to make a video camera you can take into your dreams, Nomadi Framework, experiencers existing beyong the realm of human understanding, reality logic, a progression of sensations, finger issue, paid a toll, inertia, object permanence, subdivisions of dream reality, need gas, news radio (situation in Lithuania), 1:37 AM in Connecticut, coffee, falling asleep, fire engine, music radio, arrived in Rhode Island, deadlines, Elm and Imperial, 3:01 PM, 3/25/90, Zoning at Ele 3 and Nen 10, large yellow ferryboat, easy access with Nomadi, pediatric center, Beatlefest, at Nanny’s house for John’s party, neo hippie girls, Nomading E3 and N12, Grover Cleveland Area, caffeine, poem quote, out of money, tape recording has a lot of potential, computer voice interface, Nomadi will provide a reason to do things, airplane, second job interview, plans, approaching The Meadowlands, Nomadi and Noyage, time perception, desktop publishing, paying the toll, Nomadi plans, trying to find the hotel, 11:14 PM, my experience at Beatlefest, exhibit hall, panel discussions, logic fingerprint, falling in love, Beatles cover band Liverpool, Battle of the Beatles Bands, numerous meanings of life, different types of experiences as different worlds, Magical Mystery Tour, Holiday Inn sign, more thoughts on The Beatles, it’s just common sense.

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33:18 – Lisa was unavailable, so Laverne (see show art) co-hosts with Dave in Kentucky as he examines a couple of academic papers from a half-century or so ago. Parental over-protection, separation anxiety and school phobias are discussed in both psychological and personal terms. Dave reminisces, Laverne comments.

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