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33:31 – Welcome to Tape Land! On each episode, I’ll present the audio of a cassette tape or historic recording from my collection. It’s a way to help motivate me to release more of my archives.

I used to record audio notes for my various ideas under the name “Moodbruck”. In this recording, from 2011, I’m talking about Nightweek, an project for organizing Onsug that I wound up canceling and never moved forward with. But it was another step that eventually led to the current Onsug Radio archive.

Notes: Nightweek, fractal snapshots, the Foon concept, bustle in the hedgerow, a Smurf in your pocket, creative listening, Nightweek logo, totems, casks, humility, The Onsug, bring Nightweek to a long walk in the city, underlaps, Nightweeking, a little radio world in your pocket, too freaking hot out here.

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1:24:51 – If you have been wondering where the podcast has been, Smidge has been trekking across Europe for much of this Summer (hinted at during a special intro here)! But now he’s back and he brings you the long awaited follow-up episode to the all-out music extravaganza which began back in May. So if you did not hear Part #1, we highly recommend you go back and listen… because this second part hits the ground running right where we left off!

Join Smidge as he continues his conversation with special guest Michael Lenzi (Chicago Indie-Rock musician and owner of Sweet Pea Records). While the first part episode focused on his musical journey with the band Number One Cup (from their rise, until their untimely end in the late 90’s)… the story was not over for Michael by any means! While his former band was known for their catchy brand of Indie pop, Michael now desired to start something that had much more of a searing post-punk edge to it. So he joined forces again with former Number One Cup bandmate Seth Kim-Cohen & devised yet another brilliant Indie Rock project called The Fire Show. Michael tells how The Fire Show pushed their experimental & creative ambitions to the max over the course of three albums, during which they gained critical acclaim while never conforming to any music industry standard.

Michael also chronicles his career following The Fire Show (from the early 2000’s until the present) during which he has continued as a solo artist with a series of excellent albums released as Resplendent, LENZI, and Tough Solar. And now he has re-united once again with Seth Kim-Cohen for a brand new LP release as Nil/Resplendent. This episode is a must listen as we hear many fascinating stories and explore some extraordinary music!

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