Lo-Fi Archive



UPDATE 8/1/13:

103 Lots
5234 transmissions
4670:33:45 (194.6 Days / 27.8 Weeks / 6.4 Months)
Average length – 53:33

Hifi archive: 227 GB
Lofi Archive: 48 GB


The main, hi-fi archive of The Overnightscape Underground is on Archive.org.

The Lo-Fi Archive is an exact copy of the main archive, converted to a lo-fi mono format for easier downloading.

The archive is divided into “Lots”. Each Lot on the Lo-Fi Archive can be downloaded as a ZIP here:


And, all the files can be browsed loose here:


Note: This lo-fi archive was previously called “Pocket Overnightscape”. I renamed it in April 2013, but otherwise it is exactly the same as before.

Pocket Overnightscape is now a special version of the archive created for the 10th Anniversary of the show.