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Friday, February 12, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – Testing – 088 (2/12/16)

deadcat (48:02) A warm, windy day on the porch gives Jimbo a chance to try out his never-before-used ‘dead cat’. The impressive results will make you want to go and get one!

warm and windy .. testing the ‘dead cat’ microphone cover .. football-shaped butterfly .. chili dogs with homemade chili (living!) .. cheese highway on my shirt .. a production idea! .. an ONSUG first .. a visionary .. upper-air flow .. weather changed from cool to hot .. Marc Rose mentioned my Tips episode! .. watching the dogs .. looking for lizards while sitting in the sun .. interruption .. plants are confused because of odd weather .. mystery in the grass (aliens!) .. iTunes ONSUG popularity .. nine and a half hour podcast was popular .. complex .. family traits of small digits, ears and ankles slipping out of joint .. animal is gnawing on extension cord .. indestructible .. Jolly Rancher attacked .. Frank Nora is funny .. dead cat .. a busy podcaster .. I WAS in a rut! .. finding time .. big secret project .. prior interviews .. bees pollinating .. questionable History Channel shows .. “Counting Cars” .. “Ax Men” .. Shelby .. show about Lucifer .. stomach complaining about the chili dogs .. needing to shave .. robots and people to marry .. ♫ I’M MAKING LOVE TO A ROBOT .. childhood vows I’d make .. more childhood vows I’d make my child make: brush your teeth, go walking, cut out colas and drink water, stay away from sweets, don’t eat Hot Tamales/Mike and Ike’s for breakfast, give up donuts, eat more vegetables, don’t make every meal a buffet, don’t take drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink, think happy thoughts, get to know Vic and Sade .. vines are taking over .. vines are a simile for someone trying to make it into the movies .. like extras in the Ben Hur movie .. wind is howling .. chili dog dance .. the trees are confused .. baseball season .. bbq weather .. fatherly advice .. the more you rample, the easier it is .. goodbye

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