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Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Girls Americast #24 (5/19/11)

5:25 – Wiping the slime off

Darlings, have you ever worked with the kind of people who make you feel you need a
REALLY LONG BATH after your project is completed?
Well, lovers, I work in show business so I really SHOULD be like USED 2 it by now.
However, as a human with a soul, I’ll never FULLY adapt 2 Hollyweird, LOL.

This like old clueless talentless guy like hired me and my like crew?
Then like put us in a bag like cats and beat us with a bat for 2 weeks.
Apparently, that’s legal if you like PAY people at the end of it and stuff.
As long as you’re like completely talentless, you’re allowed 2 abuse artists
as much as if they were like in Gitmo!
At least that’s what he told us, and WHY would a snake oil salesman ever like LIE?

♥Debbie♥ was in the Dominican, she avoided the whole ordeal.
Thank god for Deb, she is my rock, my like Philosopher’s Stone.

OK this webisode has like secret references to like ♥The Conservative Princess♥ and to like ♥Andy Kaufman♥,
so like keep your ears peeled or whatever.
OMG and our manager just gave us the like GREEN LIGHT to record our Conservative Princess song!!!!!
Stay tuned, lovers!
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