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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – Cruz’pa – 090 (2/16/16)

90 (43:41) TV news, “Life Below Zero”, the return of Shambles and Chadcast, the magic of honey, a new Nigerian money scheme, the crazy world of politics and the threat of the deadly Zika virus turning the 2016 Olympians into ✺walking baseballs✺.

neighbors driving me cray cray .. literal pennies from heaven .. The Central .. watching the news .. I don’t like TV news .. Michael Tammero (“Foxlight”) .. using Tammero as an excuse to get out of work .. socks .. “Life Below Zero” .. Sue .. lonely? .. Chip and Agnes Hailstone .. a bunch of kids with guns .. Agnes is a horrible shooter .. meeting at bingo in Alaska .. Andy and Kate .. resourceful .. mentally abused? .. like a soap opera .. the return of Shambles (Radio Free Shambles) and Chadcast and Eddie Murray .. they haven’t “lost it” .. show quality and length .. Onsug is prosperous in shows .. what happened to that Ruben + Clara show? .. always have something to listen to .. Shambles and Chad are popular .. Best of Chad? .. fantasizing about living in Bloomington (the home of “Vic and Sade”) .. the magic of music (The Hardy Boys find the dead body of Aunt Gertrude) .. OBAMACARE faux commercial .. the magic of mayonnaise .. the very real ‘Nigerian stuck aboard the ISS’ money scheme .. MAMA MET A MAN FROM NIGERIA ON THE FACEBOOK .. Hillary Clinton barked like a dog .. Bill Clinton vs Donald Trump .. Ted Cruz looks a lot like Grandpa Munster .. rigged elections .. new president threatened by TPTB .. taxes .. Zika .. The Little-Bitty-Head Olympics .. big Jesus statue with the little-bitty head .. the Bazooka virus? .. baseball fever .. great personal synchronicity story involves Okeefenokee Swamp .. those with Zika can’t use headphones .. 32% don’t know who Justice Scalia was!

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