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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – Special: Interview with Ruben – 065 (1/3/16)

Capture (58:04) Join Jimbo as he takes a crack at opening up the explosive (and violet-crumbly) mind of the great and prolific Ruben Schade in this exclusive interview!

topics include:

Ruben greets us with the Eddie Murray theme .. podcast editing .. podcasting influences and motivation (The Hancock’s Half Hour, Educating Archie and other old-time radio, The Overnightscape and Ruben’s odd interests-in-common with Frank Nora) .. the 10 Minute Tech Show .. Ruben the nerd .. Israel Brown .. Jim Kloss (Whole Wheat Radio) .. 1980s music .. electronic music .. yodeling .. Professor Frink impression .. The Pet Shop Boys .. Genesis .. Bananarama .. “pub rock” .. Ice House (“Electric Blue”) .. Hip Hop .. the possibility of Ruben and Clara Tse doing more shows together .. Aussies are extroverted .. self-deprecating humor and “we’re all in this together” .. an interesting take on Western or Eastern? .. Windows 10, Google, Big Brother and data collecting .. the mass of marsupials in Australia .. QEII vs Olivia Newton-John hitch-hiking .. way-too-much-rambling and Willie Wonka chocolates and Violet Crumble candy bars .. the best and worst things about Australia (Australia’s glorious food, the appalling treatment of  Aboriginals and crappy internet speeds) .. recent reads: Fairy Tale and Quiet .. Ruben in feet and inches .. A Ruben/Eddie Murray send-off

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