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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – Special: Questions for Chad – 082 (2/3/16)

chad (53:53) Meet Chad Bowers. He’s the guy that sounds like he escaped from a Texas mental institution when he podcasts. Oh wait, no, that’s Jimbo. I think Chad is the one who plays it straight and then twists the story enough to where you are go, “What the hey?” Yeah, that’s the guy.

Anyway, whoever he is, he recently answered a mess of odd questions for Jimbo. Partake with this audio as if this were Bayou-spicy all-you-eat-seafood.

intro .. finding the Onsug .. via iTunes .. Frank Nora’s thoughts = Chad’s thoughts .. found during free time .. synchronicities .. started listening in 2007 .. trying to listen from Show #1 .. Frank hasn’t changed but production has .. Frank’s changing the show numbering .. describing Frank and impressions .. Hawkeye Pierce from MASH .. large, gracious person .. spending time with Frank .. laid back .. familiar .. Mobile, Alabama .. French Mobile ..  “the South is a place where you’d have to live to understand things (the South)” .. spirit that binds us (Onsug) together .. synchronicity .. road trips .. seating during the road trip .. trips to Connecticut .. tourist attractions .. Richie Rich and comic books .. “Are you boys are on drugs?” .. strange, unusual, funny stories .. learning comedy from the mentally ill .. comedy balance is the believable + mentally disturbed thoughts .. early influences: TV shows watched as a child .. Happy Days (Fonzie) .. neighbor girl who ate raw meat .. cartoons .. Bozo the Clown (Chicago) .. big fan of Johnny Carson and Tonight Show .. watched him with contrast adjusted and volume low .. wanted to be Johnny Carson .. magazines .. older brother was an influence .. appreciation for art .. the moving mosaic .. The Killing Fields .. X Files .. David Lynch films .. Star Wars .. Sid and Marty Kroft theme park .. documentaries and viewing films .. Class Clown? .. monkey bars kiss memory .. office assistant in school .. hated physical education .. value of being close to school faculty .. mimeograph machine .. Chad’s joke of the day .. growing up in the deep South in the 1970’s and 80’s .. hurricane .. Mardi Gras .. fog .. picnics at the graveyard .. race relations were better then .. and worse off now .. dream of a new America after WWII .. another fall coming? .. growing up in the South shaped Chad’s humor .. Chad’s granddad .. he could make a tragic story funny .. a celebration of the strange .. storytelling with ‘hypertruth’ .. Dallas is full of superficial people .. important life lessons from granddad .. spicy seafood .. bathroom errors after seafood parties .. lack of knowledge of BBQ baloney! .. foods of Mobile .. bread, butter and sugar .. pecan pie .. seafood .. an island to yourself .. Mobile Bay .. rainy and foggy .. magic on the causeway bridge .. history haunts Mobile .. running the sound board for his older brother’s band .. special privileges as a member of the ‘Rotting Reagans’ .. loving elevator music (is he kidding or not?) .. various bands Chad likes, most start with ‘The’ .. re: BBQ baloney .. another list of bands Chad enjoys .. The Cure .. he’s a ‘Vic and Sade‘ fan! .. couldn’t understand Vic .. PQ Ribber and the Overnightscape Central .. PQ is good .. the large Chick-o-Stick candy .. the Chick-o-Stick song by Chad!! .. Joe Cain Hot Sauce .. in honor of Joe Cain and his history .. author Richard Brautigan .. Chad says goodbye .. ♫ CHAD YOU’RE SO NORMAL

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States ( Attribution: by Jimbo and Chad Bowers – more info at

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