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Friday, March 31, 2017

Gunkcast: Gunk At 45 (March 2017)

1:08:18 – Has 2017 seemed just a little quiet so far for the podcast? Fear not… you may just need earplugs for this one! We crank those guitar amps up (yeah, yeah…definitely past “11”) & bring the show back in full swing as we dedicate this episode to the band behind the podcast! Yes, for this one we pay tribute to the legacy of The Gunk U.K.. Hear from friends, podcast peers, ex-roadies, punk rock mail carriers, pub owners, disgruntled recording engineers, and (of course) the band themselves as we take you on a wild journey into the world of The Gunk U.K.! The full story is disclosed about the band who dared to shun the establishment and take what was rightfully theirs: a good pint of ale at the pub for their sweaty performance! There is also the hint that for the proper listening expeience, you should play this episode at 45 RPM (& at that max volume)! And to top everything off…we take you on a seasonal adventure, give you a stellar concert review, and throw in all the great music to boot! What more could you possibly want from a podcast? Cheers!

A special note should be made that you may hear a companion episode to this one on Static Radio right here. Also, please share the love and listen to some of our favorite podcasts at: Onsug, Static Radio, & Insignificast!

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