69079790_3db2640731_z(35:28) It’s Jimbo! A fly-free episode, I think!

warm .. flag .. Rangers and West Coast games .. Van Gogh and emos in Seattle .. Texas people are happy .. deep talkin’ .. EDDIE WHEN’JA MOVE TO THE PHILIPPINES? .. –kaboom– from the naval base! .. Shakin’ .. little spider .. HE’S ADDICTED TO THE LIZARD WIZARD .. spoiled Swiss cheese .. snotballs in New Jersey .. missing Hometownville .. listening to the ambience .. what would we do without the sun? .. “Chic”-fil-A .. Zapruder film .. re: Hometownville .. re: West Coast baseball .. Mike Boody .. LET’S PUT ON A SHOW EVERYDAY .. jumpy spider .. AM radio/local flavor .. fighter jet? .. life-size chess .. dogs near the house .. spider on me

Eddie when’ja move to the Philippines?
Eddie when’ja move over thar’?
Cuz the last I heard
Ya was livin’ overseas
And I guess you still are!

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2 Responses to “Hey Everybody it’s Jimbo – 166 Kaboom II”
  1. Shambles says:

    Tupp Tupp Tupp Tupp Tupp

  2. Jimbo says:

    Exactly. And June. Can I say June?

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