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27:18 – Lum & Abner & Amos & Andy, organ music on radio shows, the unheard lyrics, Birth of a Nation, union vs. nation, Abe Lincoln, EU vs. USSR, James Buchanan, General Fremont, emancipation proclamations, Ft. Sumter, the Klan, Thomas Dixon trilogy, video and audio blackface, Check and Double-Check, Robert Osbourne on TCM, Springtime for Hitler, Mel Brooks’ The Producers, Kingfish and Squire, The Beverly Hillbillies, Buddy Ebsen, My Name is Earl, Jason Lee, Beulah the maid on Fibber and Molly, Young Sheldon, Dennis Miller, book-smuggling, cameos by Sly Stone and Marlin Hurt.

Music and Musings from Dave in Kentucky.

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