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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Rampler on WFMU – Official Premiere Tonight!

The Rampler is now a regular weekly show on WFMU!

Tonight at 2:00 AM (the early morning of Saturday, June 27, 2009) is the official premiere of my show “The Rampler with Frank Edward Nora” on WFMU.

This comes after a lot of hard work, first doing a number of test shows, and then doing three fill-in shows on the air, over the past few months.

The show is a combination of NYC street recordings, just like the regular Rampler, and also me live in studio – somewhat reminiscent of The Overnightscape (I may even use a MadPlayer!)

The show is going to be on for the next 16 weeks on WFMU’s Summer Schedule, with the last show of the Summer being on October 10. After that, it is quite possible the show will continue on WFMU, but not guaranteed.


You can listen over the radio airwaves in the NYC area on 91.1 FM. It is also broadcast on WMFU (90.1 FM) in Mount Hope, upstate New York. And of course, it will be streamed live at

The interactive playlist will be active, where you can leave comments and chat with everyone. Just go to when the show is on for a link to the playlist.

I will also be experimenting with streaming live video on UStream at this link:

The videos will be recorded for viewing anytime.

I also plan on taking phone calls, though probably a little later in the show.

Here is the page for The Rampler on WFMU. Once the show is complete, it will be archived there. I also plan on releasing an archive here on ONSUG.

See you all tonight!!

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