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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Republic of Avalon Radio returns to Onsug

Jim & Lillian Fidler have been doing their show Republic of Avalon Radio for many years from Newfoundland, Canada. A good number of their episodes have been released here on The Overnightscape Underground. Their last episode on Onsug was two years ago -  ROAR-2011-09-19 – EP Announcement on 9/19/11.

I am happy to announce that Jim & Lillian are back! In those two years, they’ve done six new shows – the most recent from just a few weeks ago. I’ll be releasing these six in the near future here on The Overnightscape Underground.

In other news, Jim has a new album that will be coming out soon, called “RPM”. Check it out on Facebook: Jim Fidler’s New Album Launch and Indiegogo Campaign

Also, Jim is raising funds on Indiegogo to help release the album: Jim Fidler’s New Album – RPM

Help spread the word!

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