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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Carrie Michel Show #41 – Denver Journey (3/31/14)

1:59:37 - Intro, “Dee Jay Swiety – Powiem tak” by Dee Jay Swiety ~3:14 (, leaving San Antonio TX, Dink nervous meow, onsug listening while driving, weather, first stretch to Dallas, speed limits, traffic, comfort space for kitty, getting warm clothes, thanks for donations, weekly motels, overnight driving, route to Denver through New Mexico, pain while driving, preparing for interviews, first stop in Colorado, medical and recreational cannabis stores, cannabis laws in Colorado, cannabis strains, pure strains, better medicine, visiting Mom and friends, Dink and onsug comfort, road noise, real freedom, first legal store in Pueblo CO, blue laws, excitement, Claude TX, trucker road trip etiquette, Cali memory of big rig, Teamsters Union, following laws of the road, New Mexico route, drug testing, goals, networking, emotional times, Memphis TX, pics posted, sleeping at the Wal-Mart parking lot, needed supplies, sleeping in privacy, le Honda – mobile studio, being scattered, outdated on-board navigation, phone gps navigation, Amarillo TX, synchronicity, FM roads, time zone change, mountains in the distance, dust storms, more expensive than expected motel rooms, I-25 Colorado border, using cruise control, being focused on my dream, working hard, loud navigation, new beginnings, Pueblo CO, long distance in between exits, confusing time zones, trying to find The Greener Side shop – audio experience… my first time, “smoke some weed and get activist” BEST QUOTE EVER!!!!, my first purchase, amazing experience, next part of trip to Denver CO, another dust storm, using hazards – limited visibility, dust in car through vents, driving class – actually in 10th grade (not 7th…lol), short on and off highway ramps, Colorado Springs CO, future plans to explore Colorado for audio shows, trying to remember facts with too much information, THC Finder app, stopping by an old friends house, unfamiliar roads, Pain Management Solutions – audio experience, out of shape, Colorado medical red card,, difference in Colorado roads, trouble with hips, destination – I’ve arrived! – Denver CO, in motel, explaining more about my legal purchase, strange and wind noises through motel room door, “Aquiles El Bisonte” by Danny Rose and the Harridan Robbers ~2:47 (

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Released March 2014 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating at
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