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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

QS: Night Project – Coop (5/6/15)

2:26:20 – Power of Promotion!!  The Yellow Kid!!  Today I Learned – Reddit Recap April 22 2015 – (Att Non-Com Share-Alike 4.0 International by Matt Greene)!!  Frankenstein!!  Vic and Sade!!  More Gary Cooper Roast Goodness!!  Old News from May 6, 1915!!  Assorted Musical Interludes from our own archive!!  Jack Armstrong!!  It’s the Amazing Colossal Variety Show!!  PQ Ribber accepts the responsibility.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Attribution by PQ Ribber .

Up All Night by Lee Rosevere (Theme Song) is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Canada License.

Released May 2015 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and clever hosts presenting unique programs, historic archival material, and nocturnal audio emissions.

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  1. The Reddit TIL was interesting, though not sure all of it is true.

    Comment by Jimbo — May 7, 2015 @ 4:07 am

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