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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Frank Nora Time Machine – Hosted by Jimbo (5/19/15) 016

ff hv (1:19:52) Thanks for joining Frank and Jimbo!

Three consecutive episodes from the ONS archive, including The Overnightscape #63; what a tremendous episode this is –  a Frank Nora spectacular, an Overnightscape Hall of Fame-ish type episode.

Here, Frank is learning to rample for very long stretches without the interruptions of his Madplayer music gadget.  Also, his boundless enthusiasm (especially for malls) is very evident and fun to listen to in this episode.

Includes:  Introduction, from The Overnightscape #61 (5/20/04) RuPaul’s flawed logic, Abu Ghraib and rednecks and Sonic the Hedgehog and time travel and Fox news and Arabs abortion, from The Overnightscape #62 (5/23/04)  the ‘Letterman run’, Da Vinci Code, Grand Central Station and Vermont and fiddleheads, The Overnightscape #63 (5/29/04)  mall adventures in the outskirts of Philadelphia – Exton Mall and King of Prussia Mall and crappy cigars, guacamole controversy, patching out

all Music by Jimbo (2015)

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