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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Frank Nora Time Machine – Hosted by Jimbo (5/24/15) 018

hymvenap300(46:03) Welcome to The Frank Nora Time Machine – Hosted by Jimbo.

In our journey, we are at a point where Frank has found a rhythm, I believe. It is a special point in his storied career as an internet audio pioneer.  He is making the most of his hour-long shows, providing lots of content. In order for the Time Machine to remain as bereft as possible, I may just knock out one of his shows at a time, at least until Frank changes his show from one hour.

From The Overnightscape #65 (6/6/04): looking like a UPS man, piracy I, piracy II, Beavis and Butthead and Sifl and Olly, death of Reagan, 6-6-86, meteor showers and Halley’s Comet and Comet Kohoutek and Hale-Bopp, patching out

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