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Monday, June 29, 2015

Keystone Victrola: Jack Benny, Set #3 (6/29/15)

keystone jack

1:53:53 – More fun with The Jack Benny Program! Some of this audio footage is of lower quality than I would hope, but it is all still a valuable part of old time radio history. Jack is starting to slow down his pace a bit, which is all to the good. Sponsored by Chevrolet (not Jell-O, Grape Nuts, or Lucky Strikes, those come later). Mostly fragments of shows here, although we do get portions of six consecutive shows from early 1934.

Jack Benny, Set #3 (2/11/34-3/18/34)

Miniature Women (2/11/34) *
Don’t Live Right (2/18/34) *
My Life as a Floorwalker in Omaha (2/25/34) *
Duel in the Graveyard (3/4/34) *
Haunted House – Request Letter from John Dillinger (3/11/34) *
An Arizona Western – Play of the Golden West (3/18/34) *

*Partial – all material that is known to exist

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