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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – Jeopardy! – 045 (10/17/15)

clue (47:05) Jimbo’s on the porch in the early morning; you might can literally hear his cornea being turned into frying bacon by the solar system’s lonely star.  Also, he revisits the question of Jeopardy as “supernatural TV”.

CONTENTS: YOU CAN’T GET A FREE TOE (BUT YOU CAN GET A FRITO PIE) .. sun in my eyes .. nipples .. Spanish kid tricking people to look into the sun to see the virgin mary .. my grandchildren .. my grandmothers .. broken colostomy bag memory .. I’m too cheap to buy sunglasses .. listening to The Overnightscape 1225 .. questioning if Biblical prophecy is actually political manipulation .. I KNOW YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME .. not real “dirty” rice and beans .. chicken innards and necks .. buttermilk and cornbread .. braunschweiger .. (I’M ON A) CREATIVE HIGH .. why do synchronicities happen? .. 911 NY lotto .. some TV shows are a conduit [to the supernatural?] .. more about my Jeopardy! conduit synchronicity theory .. Jeopardy contestant has a synchronicity on the 10-16-15 show (whiplash) .. THIS HALLOWEEN .. hard-headed dragonfly .. watching YouTube when I can’t sleep .. amazing fake UFO video .. recounting a video about a UFO that hit a grain silo .. El Chapo .. the Electoral College and Donald Trump .. bounty on Trump .. cooking on the grill .. my new SoundCloud page .. reality/fate – TPTB and manipulation using hidden history .. I draw the line at yappin’ dogs .. Yahztee .. podcasting for nine hours

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