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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Gunkcast 37: Space Trek I (Revisited): Those Guys vs Double-J Raygun (September 2015)

36:49  [Original Earth Transmission Date: March 2012]

Major podcast fame…is it the final frontier? This is the tale of how a humble show called Gunkcast decided to embark on what they had no idea would become a 3 year mission. To unwittingly cause pandemonium with a series of strange new shows. To seek out more listeners…(yeah, even from the competition). To boldly go where no podcast has ever gone before!

What seems like a very short time ago we started something for our podcast that we never would have guessed would become a multi-part series of episodes spanning over three years! So now in preparation for our big grand finale of Space Trek, we are bringing back all the previously aired episodes in their sequential order (leading up to the forthcoming Part #6). However, we wanted to make this extra special. So in this “revisited” series of episodes we may just be loading them with a few extra bonus goodies. Take for example this 1st part… where we unearthed the original lost “Static” intro! We also are remixing & remastering it all for the ultimate bang for your buck! (wait… did we ever say we were charging you, our dedicated fans, for this quality entertainment?) Anyway, we hope you enjoy reliving all the lunacy with us! -—–Byron

The villainous Double-J Raygun is trying to reboot the franchise. He went to the extreme measures of kidnapping Captain Jerk & destroying First Officer Sock’s home planet of Toucan. Can Dr. Stones M’Boy & the crew of the Starship Arrow save the day? But they may need the help of someone who pilots a vessel know as The TARGIT…..!

So Byron & a couple of his old friends got together here to bring back a skit they originally started when they were in high school (in the 80’s) & doing a cable access show called Those Guys. The skit was a parody of a legendary & much beloved sci-fi TV series. But for this reunion we have brought quite a bit of an update to the original concept (along with many other surprise twists). We also enlisted the talents of a few podcast cronies of ours for this whole event (hints at the links below)! So we are now proud to present Part #1 of an all out epic sci-fi comedy adventure from the warped minds behind this humble podcast!!

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Released November 2015 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts.

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