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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gunkcast 40: Space Trek IV (Revisited): The Trek Stigmata (12/15/15)

46:50 – [Original Earth Transmission Date: June 2013]

Some years ago Byron was on a camping trip with his family & had a mishap while collecting firewood one night. He did not realize until too late that one of the logs he had picked up was covered with poison ivy vines! But perhaps what was most startling was that the resulting outbreak on Byron’s left arm seemed to VERY closely resemble a certain classic sci-fi series logo! Yes…he fancied it to be the “trek stigmata!” This is the true & bizarre tale of the event that influenced this very episode title & which we are revealing now for this special revisited edition (at least for the “show notes” since Byron didn’t remember to tell it during the actual recording)!

So this next Space Trek ‘revisited’ episode for Gunkcast boasts another stellar new intro by an eminent podcast voice of the Onsug community (as well as possibly debuting another “hideous” new super villain)! Then after the main show, be sure to stick around for a special bonus behind the scenes segment which we are dubbing “Talking Trek” (featuring a couple old friends who may just happen to be Space Trek cast members & podcast legends themselves)! Note that we are nearing the end of the countdown to our BIG Trek finale… so dive right in now & enjoy reliving all the lunacy with us! Thanks again for listening! —–Byron

At the end of Space Trek III we left you with a huge cliffhanger which has since caused much wild fan speculation & rumors buzzing around the web. The source of all this could be summed up with one simple question: “Who shot the Doc?” Well actually you should know who shot the Doc if you listened! But the bigger question is what do our heroes do now as the villainous Double-J Raygun (who is attempting to reboot the entire franchise) threatens to put an imminent end to them all on the Island of Impossible Moss? How can they overcome the odds weighing against them here & still recover the (unattended) Starship Arrow which has floated off into space? And just what does something possibly located on a certain starship captain’s gluteus maximus have anything to do with all this? Find out all these answers & much more in this explosive continuation of the series! Fasten your seatbelts… this one’s a real rollercoaster ride!

To note, while you tune in for this next chapter of our crazy sci-fi comedy adventure (from the eccentric minds behind the original Those Guys), also listen for a pretty kickin’ tune from The Gunk U.K. which soundtracks this one…cheers!

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Released December 2015 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts.


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