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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – CD-ROM – 072 (1/17/16)

Capture (48:27) Jimbo shares his heart with you. Here, have the left ventricle.

c o n t e n t s
poked myself in the eye with a tripod leg .. pulling a tooth with wire strippers .. writing music on drugs .. talking from your heart in your podcast .. saving my soy sauce and pepper .. brunch questions .. lazy librarians .. trying to write music for ‘The Library’ on The Central .. Red Hots .. Atomic Fire Ball .. bad mythological puns .. Marc Rose’s music sounds like Styx + Hagar’s Van Halen .. Styx .. Conspiracy of the Insignificant’s Serapis Transmission .. Tangerine Dream .. Berlin .. Brazen Gestures and Johannes Schmoelling .. ♬ I LIKE BANANAS version 3 .. ♬ I’M KINDA HURT version 3 .. admiring myself naked .. losing a friend who did not IRC properly in 1996 .. the early days of the internet: World Wide Web gopher telnet irc .. extensive use of ftp .. internet cd-rom and now what do I do? .. a baseball hot dogs apple pie and Chevrolet outcast .. car college .. Paul McCartney and competition .. Lennon and McCartney .. Wings .. poking yourself in the eye with a tripod leg .. sexist Jimbo .. the pc police .. Vic and Sadecast .. shoving Vic and Sade down your throat .. Vic and Sade will die .. PQ gets rich .. no yella pad .. crazy people and kid with unlimited caps for cap gun

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