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Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – Special: 2nd Chat with PQ – 073 (1/18/16)

2pqjimbo (34:44) Jimbo and PQ return for another chat, this time with PQ leading the way and Jimbo retorting.

2016 looks promising .. low gas prices .. recession coming? .. David Bowie and Woolworths .. lack of Euro music exposure before MTV .. Woolco .. Habitrails .. Bowie in the 1980’s .. Bowie tributes and covers .. croaking musicians .. Alan Rickman .. PQ considering a daily show .. Bug Out .. Entertainium Daily? .. hard to listen to everyone on Onsug, but .. Magic Island .. Jean Sheperd .. questions, questions .. daily format ponderings .. “Another Side”? .. Comicversal .. Jimbo and comic books .. BUT .. reading comic books for comedy .. Eight Songs thing .. new participants? .. collaborations .. Six Gun Gorilla .. getting into a recording funk .. tricks on how to get out of a recording funk .. laying off the music for a month .. Overnightscape Central can inspire Jimbo at times, musically .. major event can inspire .. Brazen Gestures inspired a “tour” episode for Jimbo .. everyone do a tour show! .. one day is a good day and the next is a bad day .. PQ is in a weird mode .. Jimbo wants PQ to ‘Baby Secretize’ his music .. laterz

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