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Friday, May 6, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – Pieces – 110 (5/6/16)

pieces (46:38) Jimbo’s got extra junk! So he cuts out the best junk, pastes it together and makes non-junk out of it! Plus, he throws in other junk and some of PQ’s junk, to make more non-junk! This is some fun junk!

a cold opening .. breaking my recorder .. Dominos’ Brownies .. confusing ‘deep dish’ with ‘pan’ pizza .. no nuts .. may the 4th be with you .. offended .. low humidity .. my Dallas Cowboys’ pajamas and the joys and mysteries of static electricity .. that lil’ rascal Jimbo .. french toast argument almost .. what do you eat at home? .. zika-proof Olympic suit .. new recorder .. no dogs .. brownies mmmm .. steroids in baseball .. imagined: forcing Chad and PQ into watching baseball .. exhortation and criticism .. Frank’s unusual art .. reincarnation .. Rob Zombie .. macaroni and cheese and Spam .. vegetarians .. nothing as good as a greasy hamburger .. feeling good .. re-recording because of ‘reverb’ switch .. zika .. people outside .. in a creative mood .. writing music: PRESIDENT’S TOO RED (Little Red Corvette) .. HEY MR. INCONVENIENT TRUTH .. LOST IN SPACE (Version 2) .. what did I drop? .. steroids in baseball II .. I knew a man who used steroids .. “The Other Side” and “Tapestry” .. boiled eggs .. PQ Ribber musical cover: “Little Black Egg” .. the time I got a standing ovation

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