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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – W+I+T+C+H+C+R+A+F+T – 127 (7/12/16)

pool-ball-923831_960_720 (54:54) Sekhs sekhs sekhs.

wary as a scary storm approaches .. [‘another side’ @ 11:34] how do veterinarians know what is wrong with a dog? .. confronted with 666 .. six is the number of man .. Babylon/New York .. computer ..impossible to imitate those overseas .. apocalypse-type breakfast .. the commitment to listen to very long podcasts .. big brown lizard .. people that are aware/unaware .. prodded throughout history to be aware, vigilant .. minimal/personal awareness .. a year since the change/opening .. the emperor’s new clothes .. hot sidewalk .. Tony Robbins and agelessness .. ufos changing shape? .. recording cycles .. coming up with new subjects to talk about .. getting along with everybody .. ego .. more about recording cycles

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