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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Rampler #48 (9/12/08)

The Rampler #48 (9/12/08) (51:25 / 47.2 MB)

Show Notes:

squirrel incident, 209, fungal marketing, Metallica, fly zipper, etc.

Leaping squirell in front of Frank, late for 8:12 bus, andy kaufman, tony Clifton, bob zemuda, hurricane Ike, peter Bernard, hard time winding down after meeting tony Clifton, Lindsey Lohan marries Samantha Romz (sp), doesn’t ring true, media brings them up then knocks them down, drudge report, word press #209, secrets of the universe, dorm rooms 209, obliviana super occult amazement archive, “happy Friday”, in NYC, metallica–death magnetic, load reload, signal from outer space, black album, teen suburban angst soundtrack, cement mixing truck, news headlines: 9/11 tributes, (show world center), candidates pause to remember, slow news day, who invented the balloon, hello kitty store gutted, 209 club, journey to New Jersey, 209 creates adventure if utilized in a certain way,, let go of it, then started the overnightscape, snap shots of website, stage being set up in Time’s Square, e-zine, embarrassed by old posts, virgin megastore, viral marketing campaign, fungal marketing, juliebot3000, old guy at comic book store, mushroom men, red fly, not working, uncle tater, shadenfruden, (sp), stoke, concentrated coffee shots, get, anything but Monday magazine,, mad mike, little yellow pill…mother’s little helper, vivran, 2 stoks a day, in all things moderation, pants problems: zipper stuck, overnightscape mini metal ruler, need a system to prevent zipper problems, Peanuts wristband, not getting it, silent meditation, home room, pledge of allegiance, school prayer, moment of silent meditation, problems with material atheists, tealoe beverage, angel hair pasta with sauce, algae brochure, e3 live, paul from job in 2004, 209 causes adventure, moving on from 209, Beatles song–paperback writer, bagel disaster–no bagels, essa bagels best in world, Japan connection, naked statue, goodbye.

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Join host Frank Edward Nora his daily commute, walking through the streets of NYC, as he discusses a dizzying myriad of topics. This show is an experimental “spinoff” of Frank’s main show, The Overnightscape (which continues on as normal). The show is recorded directly as a 128kbps MP3 file on an Edirol R-09 portable recorder. This makes it much easier to release the recordings, since no post-production is required. Also, at least to start with, the shows will be released without show notes to further speed up the release process.

“The Rampler” is released here on The Overnightscape Underground, but it exists outside the standard “Day” format – again, to make it easier to very quickly record and release.

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States ( Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora, more info at

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  1. I always assumed that the purpose of wristbands was to prevent sweat flowing down from your arm onto your hand.

    Comment by Neal Ireland — September 18, 2008 @ 2:24 am

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