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Friday, October 14, 2016

Hometownville: Episode 07 – Getting to Know the Neighbors (10/14/16)

unnamed (54:50) Tupp is headed to the North Pole; plus the usual cast of characters do things they don’t normally do with people they don’t normally do them with! Will lifelong friendships take hold?

Office Earthquake! (Jeff Pollard and Jimbo) .. North Pole Talk (Eddie Murray and Shambles Constant) .. Love or Lust (Chad Bowers, Jeff and Jimbo, written by same) .. Ice Cream Anxiety (Shambles, Mike Boody and Chad, written by Chad and Jimbo) .. Grok Diary (Chad, written and produced) .. Fishy Phish (Frank Edward Nora and Shambles, written by Frank) .. Cigars (Shambles and Chad) .. The Boat (Shambles and Jimbo, written by both) .. The Baking Class (PQ Ribber, Eddie, Chad, Mike and Jimbo) .. Dog Diagnosis (Chad, written and produced)

All stuff written and produced by Jimbo unless otherwise noted.

Attribution: by “Hurricane” Jimbo, Frank “Phishy Smell” Nora, Eddie “Lady Voice” Murray, PQ “Ok You Guys” Ribber, Chad “Police Sled” Bowers, Shambles “North Pole” Constant, Jeff “Is Everyone OKAY Dudes?” Pollard (thanks to Pollard Design for the logo!) and Mike “Ice Cream” Boody.

[ Everything you need to know about the background of Hometownville, it’s shops, the people, the surrounding areas and more can be found at the OFFICIAL HOMETOWNVILLE WEB SITE. ]

(A very super special thanks to Marc Rose for his time, his talent, his studio!!!)

Hometownville Theme by Jimbo; all other music was ripped from guitar effect processor and synthesizer patch demo videos, except Richochet (written by Tangerine Dream) and performed by graal7 (youtube); Invisible Touch (edit) (written by Genesis) and performed by UnTechWHV (youtube); Golgi Apparatus (edit) (written by Phish) and performed by MrSteevt (youtube); Free (edit) (written by Phish) performed by bobby neal (youtube)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 United States License. October 14, 2016.

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