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Monday, January 16, 2017

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – 149 Inspired (1/16/17)

Capture (46:04) Inspired by Shambles, Jimbo does a “Hey Everybody!” show.

“Overnightscape Central” is my priority .. almost arrested because of Sirius and XM boomboxes .. lost the use of his head .. bacon .. PQ’s Baby Secretizing .. previously unheard “Hometownville” gossip .. naked Larry .. mom and pop online discount .. I never got my “Twilight Zone” DVDs .. “Gunsmoke” .. “Perry Mason” William Talman scandal .. William Hopper .. Della Street .. IMDb hacked? .. meaning of ‘quaquaversal’ .. previously undisclosed background about the naked Larry psychology skit (“Hometownville”) .. memories of the mid to late 1970s (Steve Martin, Sgt. Pepper re-issue, Tim Conway-Harvey Korman, Andy Kaufman, “Star Wars”) .. the odd kid .. my real name .. last-minute ONS Central contributors

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