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Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Midnight Citizen 202: “A Natural Weird” (3/4/17)

citizen202cover1:33:24 – Join Mike in the studio late at night as he recounts his team’s EMBARRASSING loss at this week’s 48-hour film-making competition. Also: remembering my teacher mom’s students in the late 80’s who used to hang around my house and play Nintendo.

Note: I say that Bill Paxton was in “Independence Day”. Obvious mistake. I meant “Apollo 13”.

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Show Notes: mating habits of famous historical figures on television in shows like “Einstein”, “John Adams”; a humiliating defeat at the Sidewalk Scramble film-making competition; Music Break 1*; watching “Mutant Species” (1995) on silent; obsessed with DNA in the 90’s; the Preview channel; 1972 EPA photos of Birmingham, AL make the city looked damned apocalyptic; Pepsi; Birmingham is a new city with a kind of “natural weird”, like in “Portlandia”; Wilford Brimley; Powers Booth; 70’s actors who slummed it in 90’s B-movies; a trip to the Video Street Video Store**; my mom’s students in the late 80’s who always used to hang around our house and play Nintendo; the Oscars; Music Break 2*; random access memory: that time my dad rented me “The Breakfast Club” when I was 14 and he felt embarrassed by its “R” rating; remembering Bill Paxton.

*Music Breaks: “Curha” by Sir Fish; “Ghost Wave” by Electric Mirrors; “I Believe in Your Beauty” by the Agrarians.

**Video Street Video Store: “Mall Cruising in Bowling Green, KY,” 1990.

Backing music for tonight’s episode is the Midnight Cassette System (CCO 1.0 Universal, attribution, non-commercial, share-alike).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share-Alike US License. Attribution by Mike Boody. Released March 2017 on The Midnight Citizen and The Overnightscape Underground.

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