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Monday, August 21, 2017

OVERNIGHTSCAPE CENTRAL [ 351 ] – Disappearance (8/21/17)

22796463-mmmain (2:37:21) It’s been a week, but we’re back! We have NOT disappeared!

Chad Bowers is serious when he talks about the disappearance of truth in media, ‘drugstore horses’ and other important things; Dave Duckert has three personal stories on exhibit and I think you’ll enjoy them all; Doc Sleaze has a few items about news suppressed by the media and disappearances of old TV series and films; Frank Edward Nora talks about the disappearance of all kinds of things and various people in his very interesting piece; and your host Jimbo chimes in with ‘disappearance memories’ of his own (Mark Fidrych, Bill Idelson, Jerry Lewis – plus the time Jimbo disappeared).

You’re all invited to be a part of next week’s show; you can tell us all what’s on your mind about the following topic: Whatever

Please have your contributions sent to Jimbo by 🕖 7 pm EDT, August 28, 2017. If you know Jimbo’s e-mail address, send your contribution there. Otherwise, send your contributions to

A very special thanks to Jeff Pollard and to Shambles Constant for lending their voices to skits on this show.

Attribution by Jimbo. Guests appear courtesy of themselves.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Released August 2017 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a free-form monologue style, with diverse and very clever hosts presenting unique programs, historic archival material, and nocturnal audio.

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  1. I too have wondered why the V&S show never just announced the whereabouts of Rush and Vic when they were absent from the show. As we saw from the fan mail, the fans were curious and even a bit angry about their disappearance. BTW, I have a copy of Idelson’s book “The Story of Vic and Sade”. I read it a while ago and don’t feel the need to keep it – if you don’t have it I’m happy to send it to you.

    Thanks again for creating and organizing these shows, I really enjoy them.


    Comment by Dave from Wisconsin — August 22, 2017 @ 7:10 am

  2. Yep. It’s even more surprising when you realize that before Uncle Fletcher debuted, they introduced him to the audience during the Crisco segment (or in that area of the show) and explained he would be there the next day. Yet, when Billy left, nothing.

    Although I do not know for certain, I am convinced that Paul Rhymer wanted nothing to do with WWII. It’s conceivable that he just wanted to keep WWII out of it (the show) although he kinda caved in later, writing in various elements.

    (Although, isn’t it strange that we never have any talk of vets in the war in any conversations, even 3rd party stuff…)

    As far as the book: I don’t own the book but haven’t heard anything but bad things about it…

    Comment by Jimbo — August 22, 2017 @ 7:49 am

  3. Yes, I do recall one episode about war bonds I think. Oh, and I think there was a “scrap drive” episode wasn’t there? The war must have dominated the news back then and have been felt by everyone. I do recall that one of the fan letters suggested that Paul Rhymer keep the war “out of” Vic and Sade. I suppose people were just overwhelmed with war news and V&S was a reprieve from all that. For me, V&S is sort of a perfect and innocent little world, and I’m glad he didn’t make it too “real”.

    Comment by Dave from Wisconsin — August 22, 2017 @ 11:23 am

  4. My real concern here is that I not alienate people when I discuss “Vic and Sade”. The Central tries to be an all-inclusive show and so I worry about it. There are lots of times I think of throwing in a VS this or that – and sometimes I do. But I stop myself many times.

    Comment by Jimbo — August 22, 2017 @ 1:15 pm

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