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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Tape Land 73 – Gullhall 4 Gullhall 5 (February 2002)

1:30:24 – Welcome to Tape Land! On each episode, I’ll present the audio of a cassette tape from my collection. It’s a way to help motivate me to digitize more of my archives.

This tape from February 2002 is labeled “Gullhall 4” on side A and “Gullhall 5” on side B. It’s me recording audio notes on my creative projects and what directions I wanted to go in. This was a little over a year before I started The Overnightscape, and I was struggling with a number of ideas, which eventually led to The Overnightscape and The Overnightscape Underground…

Notes: [Gullhall 4] Tuesday 2/5/02, 9:14 AM, sitting in my Jeep at the bus stop, post office trip, subway flute music, 3:19 PM, Lispenard Street, Stormjaunting, Pearl Paint, people fighting, Wednesday 2/6/02, 2:57 PM, 54th Street, Davidoff, Thursday 2/7/02, 9:45 AM, espresso incident, Timothy’s World Coffee, 3:00 PM, books, tapioca tea, Shasta at K-Mart, Friday 2/8/02, 10:00 AM, hurt my knee, late for work, subway, 1:00 PM, Temple in the Village, Stormjaunting observations, 6:30 PM, feasibility testing, Gene Simmons at Virgin Megastore, Saturday 2/9/02, 6:29 PM, Obliviana Radio, 209, Severe Repair, pine air freshener in my Jeep, computerized audio entertainment, Intel Pocket Concert MP3 player, Dragnet, Morpheus, Digital Llama Radio, RetroGaming Radio, The Silmarillion, Jean Shepherd archive, bitrates, Cheapo3, Petco, 7:12 PM, 209 vs. Bluffcosm, Gullhall, Fuzzy Daupner, audio ideas, odometer, [Gullhall 5] audio show downloads, computerized audio entertainment, Monday 2/11/02, NYC, espresso patterns, payphones, Tuesday 2/12/02, ferryboat, dreams, 3:04 PM, Stormjaunting, lunch, Dean & Deluca, licorice information,  Wednesday 2/13/02, 9:54 AM, coffee stuff, Delawanna incident, Thursday 2/14/02, sense of time, bookstore, pita, espresso, Severe Repair, Broadway City Arcade, finished The Silmarillion, creative directions, ticket plaza, Severe Repair, Monopoly pinball, Racing Jam, 10:05 PM, waiting for the bus, novel publishing, on the bus, book thoughts, 209 thoughts, New Obliviana Radio, The Interesting Man, rejection letters, don’t want to be a science fiction author or a cult leader, want to be the master of the computerized airwaves, long road to get to this point, new age, Friday 2/15/02, arrived at work, lunch, after work, Manhattan Mall, Jim Hanley’s Universe, the power of 209, 7:30 in Hoboken, NORA, TITCA, waiting at the train station, seasons, meta shows, plans for the future.

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora – more info at

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