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Friday, May 21, 2021

The Paunch Stevenson Show – Episode 310 (4/21/21)

1:06:35 – In this episode:

  • co-host this show is The Great and Powerful Lanza,
  • shout-out to Tom Santo from NJ Led Zeppelin cover band Custard Pie,
  • Grant Garland’s TV Theme covers (website),
  • dumb “WHAT” WWE chant by wrestling fans for Stone Cold Steve Austin,
  • Don Mattingly (New York Yankees) end of career what-ifs,
  • Zack Hample, the guy who catches MLB home run balls, face plants (video),
  • new mailbox for getting TTM autographed photos,
  • the goofy names we used in our childhood backyard Wiffleball league,
  • more John Sterling dumb Yankee home run calls,
  • the online sports betting craziness,
  • celebrity deaths (Lon Adams, Tommy Lasorda, Jessica Walter, Yaphet Kotto),
  • body doubles used for movie posters,
  • banned SNL episodes,
  • and VICE TV’s Dark Side of the Ring review (Bruiser Brody, Dino Bravo, Jimmy Snuka, New Jack, UWF).

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