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Monday, July 5, 2021

Tape Land 131 – DREAMFEB90 (Feb. 1990)

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1:22:35 – Welcome to Tape Land! On each episode, I’ll present the audio of a cassette tape or historic material from my personal archives.

Notes: 11:45 PM, 2/6/90, record this Throatripper to transcribe, 2/7/90, some dreams to record, gas station dream, Cher dream, slight shades of Bound Brook, Later with Bob Costas, outgoing message, late in the afternoon, 4:38 PM, 209, running the classified section of Boating Magazine, job interviews, more Throatripper, 3:50 AM, 2/11/90, whispering, large indoor Disney World dream, glass train dream, City of Angels, superhero TV shows, Beast Busters, The Hulk defeats attack dogs, “Gee I can see one day when all the TV shows will just be superhero shows”, The Fixx song “Sense The Adventure”, love interest Marcy, corn on the cob, Aliens (1986), moonbeams, 12:02 PM, Nelson Mandela was released, high school dream, dream sidekicks, Dan Rather dream, “I had the phone, it was sort of more like a little portable computer”, submarine battle, eerie hypnagogic vision with headlights, computer room with punks dream, Glenwild Gate dream, Nobunaga’s Ambition, “devastasleep”, talking to you, 3:21 PM, Monday, 2/12/90, Taffy and Ginger the cats, Marjorie keeps popping up in my dreams, horrible dream, crossbows, destroying the house, fireworks, ball bearings, The Viralyzer, pinball commercial, handheld electronic games, Yellow Room Pinball ($1,500), I was a bounty hunter, shootouts, Simon & Garfunkel Superpaint dream, leader of a country dream, nocturnal, 9:48 PM, Tue. 2/13/90, thugs reading James Joyce dream, flea market dream, I think I’m going to Rhode Island, 2/16/90, 3:36 AM, awake for 25 hours, jail dream, DREAMFEB90, Abaxial Usufruct, Some Berry Basalt of Brine, rED aLLEY eARTH, The Hollow Fantasia.

Released 7/5/21

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